Melissa Rae Lopez of Nourished and Vibrant standing in San Francisco

Hello! My name is Melissa, and I’m so happy you found me!

I’m a food and fitness-loving creative that loves lifting heavy things and running half marathons. I think everything tastes better with an egg on it, and will point at every single dog I see and declare that it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (while secretly hoping it will jump in my arms and beg me to take it home).

When I’m not out moving or enjoying a little kitchen therapy, I love hand-lettering, illustrating, silkscreening, and dabbling in any other crafty things I can get my hands on. I’m also a serial nutrition book/article reader who loves to travel, explore the Bay Area, and spend chill time with my boyfriend and our cat.

I’m also a recovering perfectionist who strives to be more present and is driven by my faith.

I believe in nourishment, movement, self-love, and creativity, and have carved out this virtual space to connect with others and empower them to experience a richer life via…


Happy Nutrition

Movement Driven by Gratitude and Celebration

Inspirational Design

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me. If you’re interested in connecting further, collaborating together, or swapping adorable dog videos, you can reach me at nourishedandvibrantatgmaildotcom.