Les Mills Virtual Bodypump Class Review


When I’m lacking the motivation to push myself on the treadmill or the weight room, or I just want to mix up my training, I love a good group fitness class. I really got onboard with them when I started taking Les Mills Bodypump classes many years back and realized that I could get a great full-body workout in in just under an hour.

Traditional group fitness classes are in full swing before and after the 9-5 workday, but if you have a more unique schedule where a mid-afternoon or late-night sweat are more the norm, it’s not always easy to find scheduled group classes.

Fortunately, Les Mills has introduced its new Virtual workouts, which allow you to access Les Mills fitness programs on a screen in your local gym at your leisure. Choose the program of your interest (Bodypump, Grit, Bodycombat, and more), the workout duration, and intensity, and follow along with the on-screen workout whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s like having access to a massive collection of Les Mills workout DVDs at your fingertips.


I was able to try out a few of the classes this week at Bladium Fitness in Alameda. In addition to maintaining their full schedule of instructor-led group fitness classes, they recently launched their Virtual program and now have a dedicated Virtual group fitness studio within the gym. Pop in whenever it’s convenient for you, pick a workout on the touch screen, and get to it!


I came in to Bladium around 2pm on a weekday and tucked into the room for my very own workout. I picked a 55-minute intermediate Bodypump workout and got a great sweat in at a time when no other group fitness classes were being offered. The room was fully equipped with bars, plates, benches, and mats, and I didn’t have to think about anything except following along with the movements on the screen.


While I still love working out with others in a group setting, this new Virtual program is a wonderful option for when my schedule gets busy and a before- or after-work workout isn’t in the cards. It’s also a great way to revisit Les Mills releases that you loved from the past, and prevent your workouts from getting stale.

I do suggest that you feel comfortable with the fundamentals of each workout before trying the Virtual version out, especially those involving weights. The biggest downside of working out with the Virtual program is that you don’t have an instructor to adjust and encourage proper form. When in doubt, follow the verbal queues from the video and use the studio’s mirrors, if possible.

I can’t wait to enjoy more Les Mills Virtual workouts at Bladium! It’ll definitely be my go-to option when I’m too lazy to program for myself or when I can’t make it to a regularly scheduled group fitness class.

Have you taken a Les Mills Virtual class before? What did you think? If not, would you be interested in this type of workout setting? 

Les_Mills_Virtual_Bodypump_Class_at_Bladium_Fitness_Squat_Track Check out the Les Mills/Bladium GRIT Challenge I recently completed!

*Bladium Alameda sponsored this post. However, all opinions are my own!

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