Bladium Alameda 6 Week GRIT Challenge – Getting into GRIT

Bladium Alameda 6 Week Grit Challenge Fitness Challenge

I love a good fitness challenge, so I was so excited that the wonderful people at Bladium Alameda invited me to join their Bladium GRIT Challenge, a six week HIIT-focused fitness challenge that encourages participants to set exercise and health goals and work towards them in a supportive “we’re all in this together” atmosphere.

The challenge is complete with a before and after body composition analysis, fitness assessments, nutritional support, workout tips, and motivation from Bladium group fitness coaches via a members-only Facebook group, and for the competitive folksprizes for those who have the most improved body composition and improved athleticism at the end of the challenge.

Specifically, this fitness challenge is focused on incorporating several Les Mills GRIT and SPRINT classes into your weekly workout routine.

What are Les Mills GRIT classes?

Les Mills GRIT classes are 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness classes. These classes are short, yet intense, and designed to keep your heart rate up and burn fat.

Classes include GRIT Strength, GRIT Cardio, and GRIT Plyo. Les Mills Sprint classes are also included in the challenge, which is a HIIT-style spin class that will leave you dripping in sweat after a mere half hour.

GRIT Cardio is a bodyweight-based workout that is filled with burpees, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, and all the things to make you want to melt into the gym floor and never get back up again.

GRIT Strength is 30 minutes of HIIT-inspired strength training using a barbell, free weights, and bodyweight. If you’ve ever taken BODYPUMP, Strength features lots of the same moves, but done faster and with no rest time between sets.

GRIT Plyo is another 30-minute workout involves lots of explosive jumping and agility work. (This type of workout is NOT my forte, so it’ll be fun to push myself here!)

GRIT Cardio 30-Minute Workout Results on My Apple Watch

My Starting Point

I had a DEXA scan done by BodySpec a year ago and was so excited to get another body composition scan as a part of this challenge. Nutrishop Alameda brought equipment into the gym so that all participants could take the 5-minute scan. All I had to do was take off my socks and shoes (and any heavy clothing), stand on a scale-like contraption, enter a few details about myself, like my height, weight, age, and gender, hold onto some small joystick buttons, and let the thing scan my body.

body composition scan machine from nutrishop alameda at bladium

My results printed out in a matter of minutes, and I snapped a shot so that I could remember my stats.

Right away, I was super excited to see that my BMR had increased by about 100 calories. This means that even if I were to literally lie in bed all day and not move at all, my body would automatically burn more calories that it would have doing the same thing a year ago. (Thanks, weight training!) I have also gained several pounds of muscle since my last scan (hence the higher BMR), and I have lost some body fat.

Honestly, I’m starting this GRIT challenge feeling comfortable in my skin, and I believe my mindset is in a generally good place. A huge reason why I workout is for mental benefits, and I eat lots of vegetables and “healthy” foods because I love and crave them, not as punishment.

However, I do want to improve my athletic performance and achieve a few other goals by the end of these 6 weeks.

My Goals for the Challenge

As a runner who wants to improve my speed, one of my main goals for this 6 week challenge is to lose body fat while maintaining my muscle. Less body fat means less effort to run, which should help me cross finish lines faster. GRIT Cardio and Plyo should be a huge help here!

In order to maintain muscle, I’ll have to maintain some level of weight training (GRIT Strength) + solo gym sessions, as well as properly fuel my body with ample nourishing food.

I’ll aim to take at least two GRIT classes each week at Bladium, as well as get in one or two short lifting sessions, and three runs. By combining the short 30-minute GRIT classes with a short lifting session, I’m setting myself up for five days at the gym each week, which should help give me two recovery days for yoga, foam rolling, and light stretching.

Finally, I’d like to be more aware of how and why I eat over the next several weeks. I’ll be pushing myself to fuel my body with primarily nourishing foods that will give me enough energy to perform well. I’ll also try hard to avoid trigger foods, like chips and alcohol, but I’m not going to 100% restrict myself from anything. Meal prep combined with intuitive clean eating will be lots of help here!


Wish me luck as I continue into Week 2 of this GRIT challenge!

Have you ever participated in a fitness challenge? Would love to hear how you stayed motivated!


*Bladium Alameda sponsored this post. However, all opinions are my own!

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